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Becoming a Leader

let me help you

  • are you a natural born leader looking to polish their skills?

  • a leader who knows what they want, but doesn't know where to start?

  • a leader that identifies as a corporate executive and is seeking to enhance their career skills? 

  • a leader that is an entrepreneur but cannot  find their niche and branding style?

Then this coaching program is for you.

Pebble Beach

My Story 

I am Natalie Bedford. The CEO and Founder of The Thunder Method. 


My journey officially began at the sweet age of 16. I taught my first indoor cycling class on the fly, and the rest is history. I knew from that point on I was born to lead. To coach. To help. To be a part  of that change we need to see more of in the world.  In 2020, Thunder Fitness Training was born (now known as The Thunder Method).  Aside from being a professional trainer, I am also a business owner, a corporate leader, and an entrepreneur. I enjoy wearing many hats! 

I knew with all my professional and life experience it was time for a break through in my career. I wanted to create something innovative, powerful, but also convenient so I could reach all of YOU.  However, there were a few bumps in the road along the way that shaped me into the leader I am today. I led many teams, and held many important executive key roles in both corporate and private  business ownerships.  Through my various challenging experiences, I learned  about who I was, who I wanted to become, and who I definitely did not want to be.  This is the core of where my "Becoming a Leader" coaching program stems from. 

Life is a journey, not a race. Let me help you shift from within in this transformation as a leader, a chief, a manager, a coach, a business owner, or however you define your leadership. This program is all about sharpening skills to strengthen ourselves as individuals and to become successful exemplary models. 


If we cannot be our best selves, then how can we help others? 

$500 (3 week program)
Three 45 minute sessions

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