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Hi there! I'm coach Natalie, the founder and owner of The Thunder Method.  I am excited  to introduce you to the 4 week Nutrition + Wellness Coaching program! With over 17 years of experience working in the health and wellness industry, I cannot wait to coach you on this virtual platform. 



The 4 week nutrition coaching program entails the following  


20 min initial call included in pricing -- full payment is due before we jump on this call. 


After the phone call you will receive your customized plan within 3-5 business days. 


1 month length of meal plans for each day. 


There are no restrictions and no starving on this plan! It will be constructed in such a way to keep you feeling full, satisfied and energized! 


Calorie deficit and macros calculated to meet each client's needs. 


Informational segments included in each week explaining the goal and focus of the week's nutrition plan. 


*Vegan/vegetarian/pescatarian/low carb focused options are also available upon request.   


Contact me anytime during your 4 weeks for questions. Reaching me through the Thunder Fitness Training app is best! It is FREE and available for download through the App Store Use code THUNDER. 

 This program is not for individuals who have an eating disorder that requires in patient treatment or care




Already completed the 4 week nutrition program? Lets get you renewed! 

Renewal plans are available after the 4 week nutrition plan has been completed. 


The renewal plan is 2 weeks of meal planning for a rate of $175. 


ncludes a 20 minute follow up call - this is where we can discuss changes and other accommodations that you would like to see in the next two weeks. 


This is great for the individual seeking additional coaching and would like to further extend their progress. 


It's recommended that you inquire for this renewal option within the 3rd week of your 4 week plan. 

These consultations take place over a call and run 45 minutes. 


This consultation is perfect for those seeking further coaching and guidance throughout their wellness journey. 

Natalie Bedford, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Exercise Physiologist 
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