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“I have been a big fan of Natalie since I took her class. After the first class I felt strong and totally inspired. Her positive and cheerful attitude is what attracted me most when taking her class. She encourages you to do your best and pushes you to surpass your goals. Natalie is so inspiring and really cares about everyone being comfortable and having a fun environment. Her classes are challenging, but totally worth it. She goes above and beyond for her clients, and has been a huge positive force, especially during the covid-19 crisis. It has been a humbling experience to see her come together for her community and I would recommend her to anyone that wants to better their fitness journey.” 


“I love taking Natalie’s fitness classes! Her workouts are fun, organized, and target every part of the body. I also love her choice of music because it's very upbeat and perfectly fits the exercise we are doing. She’s tough and I love it! Just when you think you can’t do anymore she pushes you to try harder and surprise yourself. I always finish her workouts feeling like I accomplished something amazing! 


“I’m delighted to write this testimonial letter for my personal trainer, Natalie.  It was during covid-19 stay at home order that a friend invited me to take Natalie’s spin classes. I'm so happy I did! Natalie’s positive energy came through the screen and motivated me to do more than I thought was possible. When she mentioned she was offering personal training sessions, I set up my “first ever” sessions with her.  I was so amazed how she utilized the equipment I already had at home. I didn’t need to purchase anything. That really impressed me. The expertise and guidance she's provided through my strength training sessions has been amazing. Her consistent updates and redesigning  of my sessions keeps me progressing consistently. Her coaching is so impressive. She always assures me I can get through a repetition by saying “You’ve got this!”, “I’m here with you!”, “Breathe!”. Her sessions have helped me improve  my health for the better, especially during isolation. Staying physically active also improves my mental health, and she really cares and asks questions as a checkpoint to see how I am doing and how I am feeling along the way. I intend to continue my sessions and encourage anyone, like me, who has never had a personal trainer, to get in touch with Natalie!! She is not only qualified and caring, but mostly kind!! I always look forward to each session! 


“Natalie Bedford is an all around amazing person and fitness instructor. She truly cares about each and every client and is dedicated to each and every one. Whether you see her leading a group fitness class or work with her one on one, she is attentive to everyone’s needs. Natalie will always be there to build you up, especially when you need it most. She is one of the most reliable people around and leads some of the most fun and effective classes. Natalie sparked my love for group fitness and made me feel totally safe in a group class. She knows just how overwhelming any workout can be and will make sure you finish it stronger and more confident than when you walked in.”


“I have taken Natalie’s classes in person and online through Zoom. I love her teaching style and energy! Natalie pushes me to work hard in class and gets me to do moves that I didn't think I could do! I also love that she offers modifications or help if we need it. Her music choice is amazing too and really matches the flow of  class and keeps me pumped! 


“Yes you can, yes you will,” that’s what I love about Natalie. She motivates me to push hard and helps me to become a better version of myself in her fitness classes. Natalie has helped me refine my approach to workouts and overall motivation. She has made such a positive difference in my life that I look forward to working out several times a week. I am so glad to have Natalie as one of my fitness instructors because I feed off her energy. She is fun, energetic, and most importantly is determined to challenge new with any exercise routine, especially burpees. I love the fact that she allows me to go at my own pace, yet she makes sure I break a sweat, okay maybe A LOT! Yes I can, and yes I will!   


“I can't say enough about the positive impact Natalie has had on my life. I've been working out with Natalie since 2015 and can’t imagine starting my days any other way. Natalie’s passion for coaching is palpable the second you step foot into her classes. Natalie has a gift for pushing clients to their limits in a way that feels fun and empowering. Her energy is beyond contagious, and the inspiring mantras she consistently shares during class truly make you believe in your own physical and mental strength. Every time I finish a workout class with her, I smile and think to myself, “everyone needs a Natalie in their life!”


“Absolutely love Natalie’s classes! She brings all the energy and fun into the workouts and makes you get a great sweat in. I always come out of her workout classes feeling so great - and as a bonus, she never fails to brighten up my day! I also reached out to her, asking her for a personalized workout for myself. Within a day, she created a killer workout for me and sent me video instruction of the exercises. Natalie is a great instructor! She is super motivating and always pushes her clients to be the best version of themselves.”


“Natalie ROCKS!!!!! I always enjoy her in person and online spin classes. She motivates me to reach my fitness goals daily. She is passionate in what she does and engages her students to be better and stronger. I feel her power on and off the bike. During this quarantine time, she makes me feel like I am attending a live class from the comfort of my home.” 


“Natalie’s Zoom classes are the best! I love the diverse workout combinations. Natalie’s smile and her warm manner made me feel welcome, comfortable, and confident. She made all the workouts super fun. Fantastic trainer! I would recommend her class to everyone!! Highly recommended! I will definitely continue training with Natalie!


“I first met Natalie when I started spinning in 2016. When I first started, I was not at my healthiest physically or mentally. However, I have grown so much since then, and much of that growth can be attributed to the amazing instructors I’ve had along the way, but namely Natalie. She brings an unparalleled energy to the class, and always ensures her clients have the best possible environment. She forbids phones and cross-chatting and chooses the most upbeat music, making her classes as engaging as possible. Natalie is committed to creating the most nurturing environment possible, and her attitude is completely reflective of that. She gives her all in every class. She puts an emphasis on mental as well as physical strength, constantly spouting words of encouragement and positive reminders. I come out of her classes sweaty from the workout and empowered by her words. I always work my schedule around Natalie’s classes. I love her!”


“I’ve been absolutely loving Natalie’s Zoom classes! Every week, the routine is different and definitely gets my blood pumping. Natalie does a great job of encouraging us to keep going, even though it’s all virtual. I really look forward to her class every week!”


“I started working out with Natalie in June of 2017, and my life has never been the same. The positivity she gives is beyond any trainer expectations I had. She not only helps workout your body but also your mind and soul with such positive words and energy. Natalie’s desire for training is inspiring. Every workout has made me stronger and I have watched my body change. I walk away from every workout with her feeling empowered, and I know that she is creating positivity in me and a strong self esteem. As I have been training privately with Natalie I can feel my strength improve.  Natalie one on one is so encouraging and enthusiastic. She’s an amazing trainer and puts her whole heart into what she is doing. She cares about your journey. She roots for you to succeed.” 


“I've been taking Natalie’s sculpting/strength classes for a few weeks now through zoom online and I am always impressed by the way she is able to motivate. Her coaching style really pushes you to make the most of your workout every time. It's also great how she offers alternatives to harder routines for those who do better with less intense workout so that everyone can participate. Natalie’s class has been a great way to stay active and healthy during quarantine. I'd recommend Natalie’s classes to anyone who wants to get motivated to do their best!”


“I don’t think I’ve ever been more motivated or excited to go to a workout class. Natalie’s enthusiasm and positive energy is infectious. She really kick started my journey into spin and yoga and I can’t thank her enough. All her classes are bursting with energy and excitement. Her music… just amazing. I feel a rush of adrenaline anytime I’m in her class. I don't know how she manages to do it but I’ll be pushing myself the hardest but still have a smile on my face during her entire class. She has an amazing ability to connect with each individual in class!”


“Natalie is a fitness pro! She is great at what she does and is amazing, fun, motivating and challenging! My friends and I really enjoy her classes. Highly recommended!” 


“I have been fortunate to have trained with Natalie Bedford, a self-motivated, dedicated and charismatic individual. I have known Natalie over 5 years. Always diligent; organized and committed to her clients. Great listener and motivational are words which come to mind when you think of Natalie. I had suffered a severe physical injury which left me very weak physically and mentally. Natalie’s training instills confidence and reinforces self-worth going beyond the physical, enabling you to believe in yourself to overcome your limitations. Under Natalie’s coaching I have gained physical strength, fantastic stamina and a clear understanding of empowerment. To have the ability to overcome my limitations is a wonderful feeling. Natalie Bedford is an innovative thinker and I proudly give my highest recommendation. Given the opportunity I believe Natalie will achieve great success.”


“I’ve been taking spin classes for almost ten years at many different studios with a variety of instructors, and I can confidently say that Natalie is one of my absolute favorites! Her enthusiasm and obvious love for fitness really shines through in her classes. She is encouraging, motivational, and I always leave her classes feeling accomplished of the hard work she pushed me to complete.  Getting your ass kicked in class is much more enjoyable with a great music playlist, and an amazingly positive (but tough!) attitude, and Natalie provides both every time 😊”


“I have taken Natalie’s spin class for 4 years. As an instructor, I have found Natalie to be very fun & energetic.  Her classes are incredible.  They are full of energy and have great music.  Her classes have great choreography as she adds weights and bands to spin, guaranteeing your body will get a full workout.  I’ve noticed that my body is a lot stronger and I have more endurance.  These improvements are all thanks to Natalie!!!  You will keep wanting to go back for more!!!


“ I’ve been taking natalies classes on and off for ten years now. She is a staple in my life. She’s seen me look and feel my best and  my worst. She rides your rollercoaster with you and supports you every step of the way. Her classes change lives.”


“Getting myself motivated to work out after a full day of work is challenging. But, when I have an instructor like Natalie, it is pretty difficult to not get excited about working out. Her classes are energizing and make me feel like the strongest version of myself. I find myself excited to go workout when she is teaching the session. Working out while being quarantined has been even more challenging for me personally, due to lack of motivation. The only workouts I have completed have been because of Natalie and the excitement around her online Zoom sessions. Thank you for inspiring me to workout, Natalie!” 


“I have been taking Natalie’s classes on and off for a few years now. She got me obsessed with the spin bike. Her positive attitude towards everyone and their bodies is so inspirational that I always feel so much more confident after. I have a HUGE smile on my face during the whole class...even when we’re climbing the hardest hill. Her group fitness classes are also so much fun I try never to miss them. She RADIATES positivity and inspires me to try my best and just have fun! I recommend any and all of Natalie’s classes to ALL of my family and friends.”


“Natalie is a fun and high energy spin instructor, especially on zoom!  She uses great music and I get a great workout in every one of her classes!”


“I have been fortunate enough to be a student of Natalie, she’s been an amazing and positive role model in my fitness journey. I have worked with many fitness instructors from cycling to boot camp to pilates to yoga to orange theory and I have to say her passion for making a change in others lives is second to none. Her personality stands out as she encourages her students to push better and harder throughout her fitness sessions. Her positive attitude is infectious and her motivation and love for what she does is what makes her great. You never get tired in her sessions instead you look forward to seeing her and being part of her class. You will not regret your decision to work with her.” 


"Natalie’s Zoom classes are on fire 🔥🔥🔥. She’s one of the few instructors where you can really feel her energy during her online workouts. And I definitely worked up a sweat! Try her classes... you won’t be disappointed!"


“Natalie has made working out from home so easy and fun!! I let her know what areas I want to focus on and she sends me personalized videos and workouts that I can do from the comfort of my own home. It's really nice to be able to get a workout in at any time of the day. Her videos get me pumped up and excited to exercise! I can't wait to continue my fitness journey with Natalie as my instructor and coach!”


“Natalie is more than an instructor. She is an inspiration! Her classes will not only leave you sweating and burning calories but will also make you stronger physically and mentally. Her playlists and constant words of motivation during her workouts keep you going and WANTING to do your best. I always look forward to going to her classes and will always make time to do so. I’ve been to several gyms and studios and have had varying types of fitness instructors and Natalie, by far, is one of the best, if not THE best instructors out there. She is also very friendly, sweet, and will always remember your name. She’s also the type that will check in on you during your workouts to make sure you’re doing okay, which I really appreciate. I recommend Natalie and her workouts to everyone I know because she is amazing!! She has definitely been a huge part of my fitness journey and I can never thank her enough!!" 


“Natalie brings fire and energy to every class and workout! She is compassionate about you and your fitness journey, and truly tailors and modifies to what you want to work on. She is honest and consistent, and serious about a healthy lifestyle. Her classes always make me feel lighter emotionally and physically! It’s truly an experience.”


So I first met Natalie a couple years ago, and oh my goodness, I was completely blown away by her amazing energy, positivity and awesome music choices! I took her classes to lose weight for my wedding. Forward 4 years, I found her again! All I can say is she is a complete blessing to my life. Now being married, 1 beautiful daughter and 1 horrible body needed a drastic change to survive. Natalie took her time through my consultation and what I was looking for and what I needed to work on. No judgement. Complete openness and acceptance!

Not only does she motivate me physically, but mentally and emotionally! She works with me at every stage that I'm at daily, and helps push my endurance. She always has amazing words of affirmation. I'm so proud she finally opened her own program to offer to her clients. She's the perfect fit for my life. I've never met someone so open to work with me at this stage in my life, and to help support me to be the person I deeply want to be.


"Natalie's yoga sculpt class is the bomb! Every time i'm in class, I feel motivated and supported by her enthusiasm. Her Interactions with each member of the class adds a personal touch that is so necessary when tackling a new move or exercise. She explains the purpose and proper way to execute each move which really makes you feel supported. I haven't felt this strong and quick in years and I am so thankful for each session with Natalie! Proud to be in the THUNDER Fitness Fam!"


"One thing I absolutely love when taking fitness classes are the trainers and Natalie is an excellent one. Her energy motivates and pushes one to give it their absolute best. Her classes are lively and very active, which definitely makes you feel energetic and better. Her classes include different workouts which I love because they target the areas that I’m focusing on. Along with her music which hypes a person up even more. Overall Natalie’s classes are always a 10/10 for me!"


“I first met Natalie at a spinning/yoga gym and loved taking her classes! I was so happy to learn that she started her own fitness company so I could keep taking her classes online. She is a great motivator, very positive, and upbeat. You can sense how much she likes helping people get into shape. She gets it that there are folks at different levels and works with you. Her journey to become fit and a fitness instructor is remarkable and inspiring. I recommend taking her classes!”


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